Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Men's Underwear / Finissimo Park Fashion 2009

Men disrobing to their underwear in the Finissimo Park Fashion show WHERE ELSE? in Brazil !

Pics from the show here.

Stud Muffin Gabriel Zadok Everett

Male model Gabriel Zadok Everett

22 years old

Height : 6′ 2″

Weight : 165 lbs

Hair color : Brown

Eye color : Brown

Ethnicity : Caucasian

Skin Color : Olive

Zodiac sign : Libra

Born in 1986 in Tulsa, Oklahoma this stud muffin is an Amerian model. Everett garnered worlwide interest after photographer Lope Navo photographed him. Besides modelling Everett is also an aspiring photographer. He's always been fascinated by life and inspired by creativity."I got my first camera and started shooting my sophmore year in college. Having worked with some amazing photographers as a model, has been so great for my own photography and has really sped up the learning process."

He loves sports especially basketball. He says, " I turn into a completely different person when I am on the basketball court,people are shocked by it". He adds that he's very competitive and hate to lose at anything he takes seriously.

Photography Site: www.gabrielzadokeverett.com

Ofcourse we're more interested in photographs OF HIM!

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The pic above is my absolute favourite pic of him!