Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sam Huntington & Mike Erwin in Freshman Orientation a.k.a Home of Phobia (2004)

Freshman Orientation is not as bad as it's IMDB rating makes it out to be. This film is not like the million college themed movies that are out there. (even the 'gay' ones) Of course it has its set of cliches, but then again you get to watch a lot of random acts of funniness, some fat chick's boobs, a very funny drunk Rachel Dratch & a cute geeky Mike Irwin. The plot is simple - a straight guy acts gay to get a girl. Sigh! But see the movie and you might not be that disappointed.

I personally like Mike Irwin more than Huntington...but for those of you who dig him, here's a video of him. Also, a short video of Mike Irwin. Don't watch these videos if you don't like spoilers (like that's going to stop you).

Rating : 3.5 / 5
LGBT Interest: 2 / 5
Skin Value: 3 / 5

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