Sunday, November 9, 2008

Young Beauty Marlon Teixeira

After my last post with Marlon and Jamie let's have a closer look at the young model. Marlon Teixeira is heralded to be the next Evandro Soldati.

Marlon Teixeira
Age: At the end of this post
Height: 6′1 1/2″
Place of Origin: Balneario Camboriu/Santa Catarina, Brazil.
Ethnic Origin: Half Portuguese, 1/4 Indian, 1/4 Japanese. (WAT a crazy concotion!)
How discovered: My grandmother introduced me to Anderson, Way Model´s owner, who is a great friend of our family.
Favorite things: Learning new things, traveling, surfing, going to the beach, movies, kiwi juice.
Favorite music, band: “Faz Parte Do Meu Show”by Cazuza. But, I am very ecletic.
Hobbies: I love surfing.
Favorite piece of clothing: Jeans, flip-flops and a basic t-shirt.
Favorite artist (any kind): Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cate Blanchett.
Place you’d love to visit: Indonesia, Maldives, Hawaii and Australia.
Currently you’re obsessed with/about: Growing up professionally and learning as much as I can from this business.
Agencies: Way Model Management, Wihelmina (New York), MGM (Paris), Premier (London), Fashio (Milan)

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Well believe it or not..he is just 16 at the time of making this post ;)

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