Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Winning Sean Penn / James Franco in Milk

Finally I got to see the movie, Milk. This is only my 2nd Gus Van Sant film after Paranoid Park - which is btw a slow and haunting movie. Milk truly is a remarkable representation of the life of Harvey Milk. Many parts in the movie sent a chill down my spine thinking of the struggle & pain the LGBT community has been through.
I left the movie with a heavy heart and knowing that there has to be a bigger plan for each one of us. The movie gave me hope.
Unfortunately it also helped me realize the rut our society has settled into. My well closeted gay friend who accompanied me - felt absolutely nothing - and only went on to talk about how sexy James Franco was (not that he wasn't!). Do we really think beyond ourselves and our sexual needs!? And what's wrong with GAY people not wanting to see this film because it might be "boring" or like a "documentary"?!

Harvey Milk: Forty years old and I haven't done a thing that I'm proud of.
Scott Smith: You keep eating this cake, you're not going to make it to fifty.

Hmmm...and for those of you who can't get over listen to what Harvey tells Celeve Jones when he first meets him! Sean Penn totally deserved the Oscar for this film for his very real and grounded portrayal of Harvey MIlk
Don't miss screenwriter Dustin Lance's thank you speech after winning the Oscar.

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