Monday, April 20, 2009

Brett Chukerman in The Curiosity of Chance

I recently saw The Curiosity of Chance. A little cute film set in the 80s. Its interesting to follow how Chance Marquis (played by Tad Hilgenbrink) faces the bullies on a day to day basis..just for being gay (and pretty a flamboyant one ;) ). The movie though sometimes becomes very much in your face in terms of asking you "Stand up" for yourself. I think they even have an end song on that theme - like the movie wasn't enough?
Hot video after the jump :)

But all said and done - you should watch it for the cute Tad Hilgenbrink and the uber hot Brett Chuckerman. You might have missed him in Eating Out 2 because of the buffed hottie Jim Verraros. But I bet you won't miss him here. Here is something that should get you started on this film!

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