Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tease or PLZZ!

I'm starting my new Tease or PLZZ! series. As the name suggests Tease is all about men who know they're awfully sexy and would STILL want to tease you with their gorgeoues bodies. PLZZ! is about men who men who know they're sexy but don't try too hard to please anyone ;) You can always look at them and say - PLZZ! Like you need to tease me! Tease or PLZZ! - These men are put simply - probably too hot to be your boyfriend. ;)

Cam bitch. Such a tease!

Selective clothing. Tease!!

That's the light eyed Ian Somerhalder. PLZZZ!! He doesn't even have to try.

Yes that pose works as a TEASE!
More pics after the JUMP!!

PLZZ! That chest does it!

This is model Mathew Born & gosh what a tease!

Him again, doing what he does best.

PLZZ! Wonder what that stick is for!

PLZZ!? No - I think the whole posing for the camera thing makes this guy a TEASE.

Caught in the moment? PLZZ!

Man in water ! HA! Tease!

Crazy fashion show. PLZZ! Give us more fake tattoo!

Shorter shorts? What a nasty tease!

Classifies as an artistic tease ;)


Such a tease should be made a crime!

Like one tease wasn't enough!

Ripped Abs. Black shades. Tease!

PLZZ!! HE's a swimmer! Effortless!

Don't do that ! Tease!

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